Vintage computers

I have always had a love for vintage electronics, especially computers.

A long, long time ago….

About 15-20 years ago I owned both a Toshiba T1000LE and a T3100E laptop, both of which my kid-brain decided were fun to take apart an see how they worked.
As I was lacking in skill to take these apart properly I managed to break both and ended up throwing them away.

Yes, I know. Stupid me.

Years later I got my hands on some other vintage Toshiba models through either thrift shops or our famous “Koninginnedag” (Queen’s day, currently “Koningsdag” or King’s day) flea market.
First, a T1800 and later a T1950CT.

The start of my Commodore adventures

I also acquired a Commodore 64C, complete with 1541-II diskdrive and a Seikosha printer on the Koninginnedag flea market.
My T1950CT was used in combination with a X1541 cable so I could load games from the laptop’s harddrive.
Later the X1541 cable got modified to be a XE1541 cable because the floppydrive on the T1950CT died nad the only portable I had left with a working floppydrive was a more modern Pentium 3 with an unsupported parallel port.

A couple of years later I expanded my collection with two breadbin-style C64’s and a 1541 diskdrive, some joysticks and various cartridges, tapes and floppies.
Just a few years ago I got a Commodore 128 and 1570 diskdrive but unfortunately the C128 didn’t work. It powered on (after re-soldering the power cables as someone had cut them off) but just displayed garbage.
Some digging into the system revealed a couple of brokenĀ 4264 VRAM chips. I ordered some replacements from China, along with some sockets and, presto! It worked flawlessly.

More recently

The latest addition to my vintage computer collection is a Toshiba T1000LE, which has some problems that need to be addressed.
Also, I finally got to work on the T1800 and T1950CT so there will be some updates coming up.

Check out the progress on all my vintage computer adventures right here: