Vintage Toshiba laptops

This is just a quick post as I haven’t made one in quite a while, and for a change it’s not about OBD2 or ELM327 stuff, but rather about some of my Vintage Toshiba laptops.

I recently acquired a vintage Toshiba T1000LE laptop which has, as the seller told me, “possibly power supply issues”. Basically, the laptop would turn on for a split second and then turn off again. After taking it apart I noticed the capacitors died, so I ordered some new ones which should be delivered this week.

I also have been working on my other vintage Toshiba laptops, a T1800 and a T1950CT. The T1800 has a problem with the harddrive, which I took apart and, through some troubleshooting, decided it needed a new magnet that locks the read/write heads in the parked position. It also has a problem with the floppy drive, the belt driving it has disintegrated.

The T1950CT has the same floppy drive problem. Unfortunately, belts for these drives are not easy to find nowadays, so that will take some searching.

I will be making some more elaborate posts and YouTube video’s on all of this, but I need to find some time to film/photograph/edit everything. I’m also looking to get a tripod to film everything properly.

Stay tuned!