Hi there!

So you’ve somehow landed on my website. This is where I ramble about my projects, discoveries and some random thoughts.

These are some of the things keeping me busy lately:

    • Arduino OBD-2 library status
      An update on the Arduino OBD-2 library is in place.To be honest, I haven’t been working on this […]
    • Another T1000LE update
      I thought it was time I posted another T1000LE update because (quite obviously) everything went not as […]
    • Toshiba T1800 laptop harddrive repair
      I finally got around to fixing the T1800 laptop I’ve owned for the last couple of years.This is a […]
    • Toshiba T1000LE progress and troubles
      The new capacitors for the Toshiba T1000LE I talked about in my last post were delivered this weekend. I […]
    • Vintage Toshiba laptops
      This is just a quick post as I haven’t made one in quite a while, and for a change it’s not […]
    • Arduino ELM327 library: First draft
      As promised in a previous post, I've committed a very (and I mean very) crude first draft of my […]
    • Arduino OBD-2: Library rewrite
      So here's another (small) update on the arduino trip computer project. I keep running into […]
    • Arduino OBD-2: Project update
      I've posted an update video to YouTube in which I (hopefully) answer some of the questions that […]
    • First post
      As the title suggests, this is the first post! This weekend i’ll try to post a lot more stuff on […]